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Our Story

The most indulgent soy scented candles

Gorgeous nights in on winter days, the sunshine and breeze throwing threw the windows in the summer, the bronze and gold leaves in the autumn, snow covered paths in the winter... Nemari candles are for all seasons.


We are passionate about scents and filling your home with tranquil aromas that arise from NEMARI candles.  

Our candles are handmade in small batches using 100% pure vegetable wax, adorned with cotton wicks and blended with the finest high grade oils.   

Starting in 2013, our passion for natural products and fragrances began to grow.  Having always had the desire to find new and exciting scents, we explored transferring theses desires into candle making and over a 3 year period of extensive research and testing the perfect candle was born.  

The NEMARI philosophy has always and will continue to be, to deliver a clean burning, toxic free, room filling luxury candle.  Never compromising on scent.

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