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The Perfect Collaboration of Scent & Wax

NEMARI Candle Co.

We are NEMARI Candle Company.

We are passionate about scents and filling your home with tranquil aromas.

Our candles are handmade in small batches using 100% pure vegetable wax, they are adorned with cotton wicks and blended with the finest oils.   We pride ourselves on ensuring that each individual candle is made to the highest standard of perfection.


The Goodness of Natural

Nemari was been born from a passion for natural products for peace of mind and relaxation.
All candles are hand poured, made only from 100% pure vegetable wax, adorned with cotton wicks and blended with the finest, luxuorious, high grade oils.

We use the purest form of oils that produce an enchanting scent when lit and a strong yet subtle scent when unlit.

With vegetable wax being a renewable source, our candles make for a slower burning, longer lasting candle.


Nemari candles will gratify your mood and stimulate your senses.

Our candles contain:
No Petroleum
No silicones
No Paraffins
No Toxins

“From the first burn to the last the tranquil aroma's will fill your room and indulge your senses”

Katy Barnes


Vegetable wax, cotton wicks, premium oils, recyclable jars, room filling scents.  

Why settle for anything else?






Vegan Friendly

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